You’re Invited!

The poster advertising Rev. E. M. Long’s 21-foot long panoramic sermon. You know all those stories you’ve heard of ministers who traveled around rural America pitching up tents and spending a week or two preaching God’s fury before moving on to the next town? Yeah, Rev. Long was one of those.

On Sunday, October 14, 2012, the Needham Historical Society will host its annual Walk through History. As one of the stops on this year’s tour, we’ve put together a special exhibit of some of our favorite items from our archives to share with you, including:

  • Rev. Edwin Long’s marvelous 21-foot long sermon (yes — his sermon really was measured in feet)
  • The heated controversy that may or may not have involved the Boston Red Sox, but that clearly led to the forced resignation of Rev. Frank P. Estabrook in 1903
  • Letters and photographs sent to us by Dr. Margaret O’Hara, a medical missionary who worked in India around the time of the first World War
  • A directory of church members who fought in WWII
  • The history of a stained glass window that has been missing since 1955

And much much more.

Can’t make the exhibit?

Don’t worry. These stories are much too good to keep to myself. Over the coming weeks I’ll post in more detail about each and every one of the items on display. Posts will appear about once a week.