Further Reading

Want to know more about the Town of Needham and the cast of characters on this blog? Check out a few of these resources….

Histories of the Town of Needham and The Congregational Church of Needham

The History of the Evangelical Congregational Church of Needham, Massachusetts
By Edmund W. Trowbridge
Privately printed by the church, 1957

I am heavily indebted to Edmund W. Trowbridge, who served as Church Historian in the 1950s. To mark the Church’s centennial celebration in 1957, Mr. Trowbridge sifted through a century’s worth of archived materials to produce a 48-page The History of the Evangelical Congregational Church of Needham, Massachusetts. This booklet has been invaluable to me in making sense of countless documents I have encountered in the archives. The church still has several copies of Mr. Trowbridge’s book available through our gift shop.

History of Needham, Massachusetts 1711-1911
By George Kuhn Clarke
Privately printed at The University Press, Cambridge Massachusetts, 1912

George Kuhn Clarke performed a similar service for the town of Needham for its bicentennial celebration in 1911. You can find a PDF of his History of Needham, along with several of his other works tracing his family’s genealogy at ebooksread.com, a free online ebooks library.

Other External Primary Sources Related to the Materials in our Archives

Missionary Doctor: The Story of Twenty Years in Africa
By Mary Floyd Cushman
Harper & Brothers, 1944

During the 1940s, the Congregational Church in Needham was one of many churches to support the work of Dr. Mary Cushman in Africa.  When Dr. Mary Cushman earned her medical degree in 1898, she planned to bring medical care to under-served populations in Africa. When her mother fell ill, Dr. Cushman was forced to put off her plans for thirty years.  After her mother’s death, Dr. Cushman spent the next twenty years alternately raising funds and extending medical care in a 5,000 bed hospital in Africa.  Missionary Doctor, Dr. Cushman’s memoir of her time in Africa, appears to be out of print. Used copies are still available through Amazon, and if you’re lucky, your local library.

The Book of Drills
By Mary Barnard Horne
Walter H. Baker & Co, 1889

In 1890 the church put on at least one performance of a play from Mary Barnard Horne’s The Book of Drills. The play, “The Peak Sisters,” was part of that year’s Strawberry Festival. An electronic version of The Book of Drills is available through Google books.