1888: The Old Bell

In 1888, the church raised $500 by special subscription to purchase a 2,000 lb bell for the new building’s belfry. The bell survived the fire of 1924, and was hung in the steeple… Continue reading

The 1889 Capital Campaign

Fourteen years after the congregation decided that they needed a new building, fundraising for it was still underway. In an effort to complete it, the Rev. Gleason issued a broad appeal for funds… Continue reading

1889: The Congregation Relocates to Linden Street

By 1872, it was clear that the original chapel no longer met the needs of the growing congregation. The Evangelical Society began to debate building a new church building. Several very long meetings… Continue reading

1859: The Little Chapel on Chapel Street

For the first few years the fledgling congregation met in rented rooms in the Village Hall. In 1856, they decided to build their own chapel. The men of the church were tasked with… Continue reading

Our Founder: Dr. Josiah Noyes (1801-1871)

The founder of our church was not a minister at all, but Needham’s town doctor. During the first 30 years of his life in Needham, Dr. Noyes and his wife, Elizabeth, were regular… Continue reading

The poster that started it all

This blog, I mean. Early on in my stint in the Needham Congregational Church archives, I came across this wonderful poster advertising the church’s 1890 Strawberry Festival. Some years ago the crumbling original… Continue reading

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